Happy birthday mu armas Eva

Dear Eva, today is your birthday and I would like to tell you something.

We both took a long way till our ways crossed and the start was challenging. You had that boyish haircut on your profile picture and for me you were so interesting and self-aware. So direct and honest. And in the same fresh way you answered my first words.

We met in internet and instantly connected and gave each other wings but it took more than 4 months endless talks until we met the first time in person. I was not always sure is it just a dream or real. You are too good to be true. Understanding and patient. You were just like you are – opened your heart immediately and fully and I didn’t know how to handle it at first.

And that is how you are. Despite all the injuries people did to you, you encounter the people always with a wide-open heart. You give everyone the chance to proof its good intentions. I honestly adore that. People who don’t know you better may think you are naïve, but no, it couldn’t be more wrong. It’s not naivety nor incapability to learn from the past, but rather an unshakable belief in the good of people. But what differs you from the naïve is that you don’t let someone hurt you more than once. What else differs you from most other people is that you always take the risk that someone new may hurt you. That says everything about your strength. You are not afraid to get hurt. You just jump to the action and swim like a mermaid.

I never met a person which is less judgmental than you. But darn those who misunderstand your tolerance with weakness. Those who think they could control or manipulate you. You are not afraid to stand up against those who are unfair. Not only for yourself. You also make a stand for everyone around you if you know them or not. You are a fearless fighter. With heart and dignity but fire and will in your.

You could spit fire, but you choose not to. You are a dangerous dragon but dedicated to a peaceful existence. You send them to the past, out of your life. You don’t let anger and resentments poison your heart. You don’t seek vengeance. You fight hard but not to hurt. You fight always for the best reasons.

Your positive energy shines bright, brings for many people light into their lives. People like to be with you and around you. You are also an inspiration to me. You see the opportunities over the obstacles. Hope and light in the deep darkness. You know it comes sooner or later. You trust yousrelf and your inner feeling more than anyone else I know. Over the years I have seen it really functions. Even it may sound insane sometimes.

Why is it so easy to love you? Maybe it is the openness with which you encounter the people. You don’t judge, you try to understand where someone comes from. You let people be the way they are. You understand that every person has its own story.

You are deeply ethical but without pushing your moral onto other people. You let them be, even you don’t agree with everything you let them just be the way they are.

Freedom is the liberty to express yourself in any way you like as long you grant everyone the same right. It is the only solution to a truly peaceful society. You demand that freedom for yourself and everyone else.

The only moment when I really need to tame the dragon in you, is when people deny this freedom to others. That is the one thing that makes you angry. Wherever there is a vacuum, when courage is missing, you jump in and take the responsibility for others. You have this Jeanne d’Arc attitude and I love it.

Many times I have seen you going to homeless, drunk and somehow lost people to check if they need help. You never get tired of helping others and still you keep the balance to not lose yourself. You encourage the people to help themselves. You give them tools and support. And you stay with them in the moments they need it the most.

You always find a way to get me out of the dark mood. If my hand is a fist, you gently open and put your hand in it.

If my world is flat, you make it round again.

Your optimism and passion give me always a new reason to stand up and fight.

I am a very lucky man to be with you.


Ma armastan sind